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Decades ago, when there were just a few supermarkets in Cali, locals would flock to La Galeria – a market where farmers go to sell their goods. That market still flourishes today. 

Located in Cali’s Alameda neighborhood, La Galleria is known for its fresh market where fish, meat, plants, fruits, vegetables, home supplies and many more items are bought in bulk. Alameda is slightly off the beaten path but accessible via the MIO station Santa Librada or La 5ta (la quinta), Cali’s main road that runs from north to south of the city. While you won’t find many tourists here, Alameda is certainly a staple of Caleño culture.

Parque Alameda is found among seafood restaurants and salsa bars, and on any given day or night, you will find the park bustling with locals. You can smell the aroma of “sancocho de pescado,” the typical soup dish served in the multitude of restaurants that specialize in food from the Pacific Coast. You can also find all of the Colombian food you “must try” here.