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Hola Cali

A Day at Rio Pance

By Jamarr Black
Last March I made my way to Pance, a rural area just outside Cali to the south. I went on a Monday, since I’d been told there are usually loads of people who go to the river on Sundays.

5 Tips For The Solo Traveler

By Jamarr Black
It’s not always easy picking up to go on a solo excursion. Especially if money is tight or you are accustomed to prioritizing other people and things.

December: The Eternal Navidad!

By Taylor Sullivan
Christmas season in Colombia was, as one might expect, bright, festive, and full of color! What Conor and I didn’t expect was being assaulted by a continuous stream of Christmas decor for sale, starting on October 1st.

One Month Cali-versary

By Taylor Sullivan
As a foreigner in a new country, it is almost impossible to fully blend in, and avoid public embarrassment. I have chosen to embrace these moments as not only a chance to learn a lesson, but also an opportunity for a good laugh.