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La Jessica: Cali Colombia – Valle del Cauca

By Jessica Gerland
I never would have imagined myself living in Santiago de Cali, Colombia, but I fell in love with a caleño two weeks after moving to Cartagena de Indias. I met Andrés during a sunset stroll on the wall that surrounds the historic center of Cartagena. Three years later…

Why Being In Quarantine Abroad Isn’t What You Think It Is

By Jamarr Black
Anyone who’s been following me recognizes that I’ve been living in Cali, Colombia for the past two years. Some of the same reasons I decided to leave the USA are the same reasons I decided to stay put.

Cali street art

The Case for Cali

By Alison Isaac
Planning a trip to Medellin? Cartagena? Before you book, read to find out why you should give Cali a shot.

Petronio Alvarez

5 Things to Know about Petronio Alvarez

By Alison Isaac
The Petronio Alvarez Festival of Pacific Music is the largest festival of its kind in Colombia. Each year news of this free festival, which takes place in Santiago de Cali, spreads further and attracts more people.