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Ciudad Jardin

Ciudad Jardin is one of Cali’s newest neighbourhoods. It is located far south – the farthest south you can go in the city before entering the more rural areas of Pance and La Buitrera. If you were to take the MIO to the last station in the south, this is where you’d end up. 

Ciudad Jardin is a pretty neighbourhood where you’re likely to find taller, newer apartment buildings and malls. In fact, Ciudad Jardin is home to the large Unicentro shopping mall, and the smaller Holguines Trade Center and Jardin Plaza. It’s also where you’ll find Cali’s public, departmental university, Universidad del Valle (Univalle), and a number of other private educational institutions. 

Ciudad Jardin experienced a rapid increase in restaurants over the past few years, so folks in the south don’t always have to head north for a night out. Unfortunately, the influx of cars into the small area where most of those restaurants are concentrated makes for an awful traffic jam come Saturday night. Likewise, the same issue pops up during the week at rush hour, thanks in part to all the universities and apartment complexes along limited roadways.