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Espacio 10-60

Address: Carrera 10 #60

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Espacio 10-60 is located in the El Centro neighborhood of Cali and attracts a young crowd of locals and foreigners. What makes Espacio 10-60 unique is that it opens up to the last two floors of a warehouse. Most people congregate on the top floor which is a terrace with some pretty amazing views of the Cali skyline.

Along the terrace is a dancefloor, bar and patio area with seating on all sides. A variety of music is played including reggaeton, dance hall, salsa and Top 40 hits. People tend to come in casual attire, though there is no dress code.

Espacio 10-60 could be relaxed or shoulder-to-shoulder on any given night depending on whether there is an event scheduled. Beer, cocktails and bottle prices vary starting at $6.000 and major credit and debit cards are accepted at the bar. There are security checks. Smoking is allowed on the patio.