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Chic, posh, trendy, fancy – these are likely the adjectives you’ll hear most often when people speak about Cali’s Granada area. It’s where you’ll find young professionals and anyone else with money to spend.

Although Granada is in the north technically, it isn’t far north. Granada is walking distance to Centenario, el Bulevar del Rio, and even El Peñon. In short, it is still relatively central, considering how Cali sprawls north to south. However, it isn’t as accessible as other neighbourhoods in Cali, literally and figuratively.

Granada is a mix of older and newer residential buildings and many restaurants and bars. We would argue that Granada is one of the more exclusive areas in Cali, both to live in and for a night out. If you go to Granada, expect to see pretty things, but also know that it will cost you more than in other parts of the city.