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La Pérgola Clandestina

Address: Carrera 6 #11-48

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La Pérgola Clandestina is becoming a not-so-secret favourite among young nocturnals in the city. Hidden in plain sight, La Pérgola (as it’s often called) is the terrace that sits atop Hotel Santiago de Cali in El Centro.

One of the first things you’ll notice once you reach the rooftop patio is the pool — which sometimes has people in, and sometimes doesn’t. If you’ve been to other clubs in Cali, you might also be surprised at the reduced seating: there are a few benches, but there isn’t the table setup typical of Cali clubs.

La Pérgola has a relaxed vibe to it, so come as you are, but come ready to dance. At La Pergola, you’ll hear a mix of music that can include anything, including salsa, (North) American pop, and dancehall.