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New Anchor Caffè


New Anchor Caffè

Address: Calle 18 Norte #9N-115, Barrio Granada

Instead of burying the lead, let’s get straight to the point on this one: the most important information you need to know about New Anchor Caffè is that it has bagels —and they’re good.

In fact, that’s most of what you’ll find at this cute little café in Granada: bagels (made in-house) and fancy coffee. Of course they have the typical café fare, but it’s worth mentioning that “typical fare” in this case may include atypical treats if you’re into that (a little gluten-free this, some sugar-free that). New Anchor also carries Bogota Beer Company and MIL976 beverages. 

If you roll up to the address and at first see what looks like a clothing store, don’t be alarmed. New Anchor Caffè is indeed part preppy clothing store, part café.