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Pao Café


Pao Café

Address: Calle 2 # 4 – 128, Barrio San Antonio

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In San Antonio, perfectly located across from the Bogota Beer Company and up the street from the beloved Lengua de Mariposa ice cream shop, sits Pao.

Pao is part pizzeria, part bakery, all café. It stands out thanks to its loud, colourful façade, but it also, paradoxically, blends in with the vibe of San Antonio: rustic, and unintentionally touristy.

Pao café has grown increasingly popular thanks to its tasty brunch options, so it is very possible that you show up on a Sunday morning and can’t find a seat for your party of 4. If you walk in and it’s full, check upstairs! And if that’s full (it’s not very big), you’ll just have to wait. It’s worth it.