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Petronio Alvarez Festival

The Petronio Alvarez Festival is a week-long celebration of Pacifico culture that takes place in Cali every August. It is the largest of its kind in the country and admission is free.

When: Mid-August, annually

Where: Unidad Deportiva Alberto Galindo

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The festival, often referred to simply as “Petronio,” was started over 20 years ago and was named in honor of an important musician named Patricio Romano Petronio Álvarez Quintero from the Buenaventura area.

The festival’s main events have taken place at Unidad Deportiva Alberto Galindo (by Cosmocentro shopping mall) for the past few years. Thousands of people pass through the venue to sample Pacifico delicacies (mainly seafood and traditional alcoholic drinks), and to experience the culture of the Pacific region through its talented musicians.

We highly recommend taking the Mio to the event, as the bus has its own lane and traffic becomes increasingly congested as you approach the venue. The closest Mio bus stop is called Unidad Deportiva.

If you don’t like crowds but are still curious about the festival, go during the day. As is to be expected, more people show up on the weekend and at night.