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Salsa Shows

If you come to Cali –the salsa capital –but don’t actually see any salsa shows in Cali, you were never really here. Below are some of the salsa shows we think you should check out while in Cali.


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Delirio is one of Cali’s most well-known salsa shows. It is an elaborate display of Cali’s best talent and it happens on the last Friday of every month except for December, where there are shows everyday for La Feria de Cali. Ticket prices are $115.000 – 240.000COP.


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Ensálsate is another one of Cali’s impressive dance shows that embodies the vibrant spirit this city is known for. The Ensálsate foundation is also committed to developing dancers from lower income neighbourhoods. Ensálsate happens approximately once a month and ticket prices ($60.000 – 200.000COP) vary with location. Visit their website for specific dates, show locations and prices.

El Mulato Cabaret

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Unlike Delirio and Ensálsate, El Mulato Cabaret is a much more down-to-earth experience, but no less entertaining. El Mulato Cabaret has a number of events – some of which are cabaret-style shows, and others which are more of a regular rumba (party). Cover is usually about $10.000COP.