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San Antonio

The San Antonio neighbourhood is a favourite among visitors and it’s easy to see why.

Its hilly landscape alone makes it more interesting than most other parts of the flat city, but there’s also a ton of character packed into this relatively small area. With its colonial architecture and quaint, bohemian vibe, its streets might as well be cobblestone (some actually are).

San Antonio gets its name from the church built at the top of a hill in 1746 for patron saint – you guessed it – Anthony, or San Antonio. It’s a short walk up through Parque San Antonio, and the view from the church is totally worth the work. The park is a popular hang out for caleños and visitors alike. You’ll see just about everything there: skateboarders racing downhill, newbies learning salsa, comedians telling stories, and couples enjoying each other’s company.

San Antonio is centrally located and just off La 5ta (“La Quinta” – a main road) so it allows for easy access to other parts of the city. In stark contrast to the historic barrio, the modern area of El Peñon with trendy bars, restaurants and clubs, is located right beside San Antonio to the north.

Even though San Antonio isn’t known as a club district, it’s alive with activity in its own way. You’ll find dance schools, vegetarian food, hostels and cafes.

In short, it’s a hipster’s paradise.